Price List

These are my general prices. Depending on the complexity of your project the price could be higher. If you have any questions give me a call at (216)470-3506.

Taper Legs$9.99
Take Up Crotch$9.99
Make Pockets$6.99
Take out Pockets$6.99
Take in Waist, Pants/Skirts Double seam$9.99
Repair Belt Loop on Pants Each$0.99
Half Pocket$12.99
Take in Waist, Pants, Skirts Single seam$7.99
Replace Elastic Pants$9.99
Rip in seam, pants, jeans, shirts$4.99
Pants - Hem
Shorten Pants with Cuffs$11.99
Shorten Pants Wider Leg - Women$14.99
Shorten Pants with Lining - Women$14.99
Pants, Shorten, Regular Width$9.99
Take off Collar on Shirts or Blouses$9.99
Take in Sides on Single Seam$7.99
Shorten or Lengthen Sleeves on Tops$9.99
Adjust Shoulder seams - Women$14.99
Make Pockets for Shirts$4.99
Take in sides on Single Seam$9.99
Take in sides on Double Seam$11.99
Take in sides on Double Seam$9.99
Take in Sides on Single Seam$7.99
Shorten Regular Width Skirt$9.99

Jackets & Coats
Shorten Jackets Sleeves with buttons$14.99
Replace Lining in jackets, pants$34.99
Shorten Jackets Sleeves no button$11.99
Taper jackets Lined$17.99
Taper Jackets Unlined$14.99
Skirts - Hem
Hem/Wide Width Skirts$19.99
Hem/Replace ruffle or braid on the bottom of the skirt$29.99
Shortened Dress$12.99 to $24.99
Lift Straps$12.99
Lift Straps Lined$16.99
Lift Shoulders Unlined$12.99
Lift Shoulders Lined$19.99
Take Sides in Plain$14.99
Take Sides in Lined$17.99
Take Sides in Boned$25.00
Bridesmaid Dresses
Sides taken in$24.99
Shorten Standard Hem$9.99
Shorten Original Hem$13.99
Half Leg Taper$14.99
Full Leg Taper$15.99
Take in Waist$14.99
Half Pocket$11.99
Replacement Zip$9.99